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2018 10th Annual EBA Pumpkin Party

31 October 2018

Saturday October 27th, the Eagle Business Association hosted its 10th Annual Eagle Pumpkin Party.  A variety of businesses and organizations volunteered their time to help kids and and families enjoy the afternoon doing family-fun things.  Events were held at the Library, Fire Station, Historical Society, Eagle United Methodist Church and a variety of games and music at the gazebo next to the Fire Station.  Several contestants entered pumpkins into the Pumpkin Carving Contest and the winners for each age group are listed below.

                               2018 Eagle Pumpkin Party
                       Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

Age Group         Place          Name                              Pumpkin Name

Under 8       Tied    1             Kira Suhm                                         My Kitty
                       Tied   1            Amelia Konne                                   Unicorn Dreams
                                  2            Holden Manz Kutschera                Harry Potter

8-10                         1            Matthew Padilla                               Jail Bird
                                  2            Izabella Riebe                                   Pumpkinladon

11-13                        1            Annalise Riebe                                  Owllady

18+               Tied     1            Ann Morgan                                      Scrub-a-dub
                     Tied     1            Timothy Riebe                                  Toothy
                                  2            Joyce Morgan                                   Sphynx
                                  3            David Morgan                                  Vampire







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