Help Identify This Maple Tree

23 September 2019

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.”  The verse, written by Joyce Kilmer in 1913, captures the natural beauty and simple majesty of trees.  So when one sees an old tree, it leads one to wonder about the trials and tribulations has it seen and endured over its long journey.  It becomes a monument of strength, stability and endurance, and gives some of that back to those who meditate on such things. 

There is an old unidentified majestic maple tree in the Village of Eagle Park, located at the south edge bordering the Calico Fields subdivision, that brings about such meditations.  The circumference of the tree measures 192” with a large gaping hole that has hollowed out most of its center, yet many large branches still grow and provide shelter to birds and squirrels. 

Not being professional arborists, we haven’t been able to identify whether it’s a silver maple, sugar maple or red maple, so we need your help.  Does anyone know about this tree or can anyone help identify it?  Its age could be anywhere from 180-350 years old, depending upon it’s maple species.

Please contact us if you can help by responding to this post or call us at 262-594-8961.

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Eagle Residents From The Past

16 July 2019

From time to time, we will highlight Eagle area residents from the past; from pioneers to paupers. Today we introduce

Iva Bigelow Weaver

Iva Bigelow Weaver

Iva C Bigelow, 1875 – 1932, was an American soprano singer and music teacher based in Chicago and Milwaukee.  Her performance circuit was most often in the Midwestern and Plains states, but she was critically recognized around the nation and sang in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and on radio in 1926. One reporter commented “Her voice is powerful, particularly sweet in the upper register and of splendid volume” and her performances were always sold out.

Iva was also well respected as a music teacher and ran music studios in Milwaukee and Chicago where she gained her reputation as a great vocal teacher. She was well loved by her students who went on to play many stages around the nation.

Iva was born on October 8, 1875, in Palmyra Wisconsin to Charles Bigelow and Leonora Stacey. Her father died when she was a girl and her mother remarried.  Iva attended the Lawrence Conservatory of Music (Lawrence-University) in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1894-1895, and continued her training in Chicago and in Europe. Her younger brother, Oromel H. Bigelow (1881-1966), became a mathematics professor at Whitewater State College (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), and the Bigelow Residence Hall on the Whitewater campus was named after him.

Eva’s life was cut short when she died after complications from appendix surgery in 1932. She was 57 years old and the music world mourned her death.  The Iva Bigelow Weaver Junior Music Club of Marshfield Wisonsin was named in her honor after her death, and lasted into the 1970’s. Eva is buried in Melendys Prairie Cemetery in Eagle Wisconsin.

***Credit source information for this post from Wikipedia

Eagle Historical Society Ice Cream Social

10 July 2019

Sunday July 14, 2019 at 2 PM – 3:30 PM

Eagle Village Park

“The Salute to Lady Liberty”

It began as a gift to Mrs. Lincoln. Today it is a background prop for selling car insurance. It’s meaning remains undiminished! The Statue of Liberty stands as “The lamp beside the Golden Door” as it welcomes all to “the last best hope on earth”! The generations that came through Ellis Island saw this marvelous edifice as their first glimpse of freedom! It is the enduring symbol of “We The People”!

In honor of our nations independence, we take a musical salute to Lady Liberty. Nearly every great American composer has honored her: Bernstein, Miranda, Williams, Rogers & Hammerstein and Sousa. A rich “red white and blue musical tapestry” of American Music will recount her timeless story.

A “Star Spangled” evening of patriotic joy awaits one and all. Bandmaster Ed Pierce promises to bring all of the musical talents of the Palmyra-Eagle Community Band to bear to bring to audiences a truly “Star Spangled Flag Waving Night”! On hand will be various instrumental soloists, our magnificent dance team, the superb “Kettle Moraine Blues” and the majestic vocal talents of our soloist in residence Kim “Kimbirdlee” Fadner.

Come one and all for an afternoon of music designed to move every American heart.

Happy Independence Day

3 July 2019

From your friends at the Eagle Historical Society!

Veterans Recognition Program 2019

18 June 2019

June 1, 2019 Veteran Recognition Day in Eagle.

-Thank you for your service, from a greatful nation-




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