Eagle Area Farm Photography Project 2014

Sixty years ago the majority of Eagle consisted of dairy and crop farms, ranging in size from fifty to one thousand acres. Driving on the main roads, one would often see dairy and beef cattle, pigs, chickens, and crops (such as wheat and corn) that these farms contained. Farms were owned and operated primarily by families, each of whom contributes to the unique and interesting history of Eagle. For example, one farm was a wedding gift to a young couple as they began their new life together. As parents and grandparents got older, and could no longer keep up with the heavy demands of running a farm, they naturally wanted to pass it on to the younger generations. However, more often than not, young people did not want to continue on in this family business. Therefore, many farms in Eagle were sold and/or divided up. Some became subdivisions or horse farms; others were bought by the Department of Natural Resources. A handful of operating farms remain in Eagle.

The Eagle Area Farm Photography project is an ongoing project that was initiated several years ago in an effort to honor, share, and preserve the rich history of farms in Eagle. Eagle Historical Society member, Carolyn Rosprim, has spent several years gathering information and photographs about the individual farms in Eagle and about the families who ran them. In addition, she has also shared some the photographs she has recently taken of the farms, and of the land that surrounds them today. This allows us a more intimate view of Eagle area farms, both past and present.

Farms included in the project are featured below. Additional farms will be added from time to time, and information may be added or updated, so don’t forget to check back and see what’s new with the history of Eagle area farms!

326 Grove St.

The Baker-Pardee House

Casey Farms

The Cobblestone House

Eagle Home Hostel

Erikson Farm

Farm on Piper Road

Farm on South Street

Friendly Acres

Hillcrest Farms

Kauland Farm

Loefer’s Acres

Maplewood Farm

Marten Family Farm

Nelson Farm

Ridgeman Farm

Sprague Farm

Steinhoff Farm

Southwind Ranch

Valley View Farms

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