The Baker-Pardee House

Waukesha Rd. (next to St. Therese Church)

Frank Baker owned and built this house and dairy farm. He initially owned five acres, then rented additional adjacent land throughout the years, ending up with a total of about fifty. He had two daughters, Aurel and Alice, who were born between 1875 and 1885. Alice Baker taught school in China in the 1930’s and the only library in the town of Eagle is named after her. She never married. Aurel Baker was a nurse in the military during WWI. Aurel Baker did not have children but did marry Harold Pardee. The couple ended up renting the farm and lived in the house along with Aurel’s sister, Alice. Harold Pardee was a grandson (along with his brother, Donald) of Mrs. A.R. Hinkley (See: The Cobblestone House). He operated a milk route with partners. It was reported that a six-foot claw bathtub was added to the house “because Harold was so tall”.
As of 2009, the Baker-Pardee House was owned by Tracy B. (full last name unknown) and was not a working farm.

**information obtained by Carolyn Rosprim from informants Jean Bowey and Bea Marguardt

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