Steinhoff Farm

Hwy 59
Eagle, WI

Around 1869, four Steinhoff brothers left Udorf, Germany and came to America to avoid conscription into the Prussian army. They were Johann Anton (known as Anton)  born in 1835, Heinrich (Henry) born in 1844, Joseph born in 1849, and John born in 1854.

Anton was a half-brother to the other three. The brothers initially settled in Eagle on the land known for many years as the Steinhoff farm, and now the site of the DNR.

Eventually, Henry moved to Norwalk. We are uncertain about Joseph but there are Steinhoffs in the Platteville area, and that may be where he moved.  John moved to Burlington.  Anton stayed in Eagle and began our branch of the family.

Steinhoffs beginning with Anton, who first settled in Eagle, and moving through the generations are;

1  Anton – b. 1835


      2 Christian – b. 1874

      2  John – b. 1865

              3  Anton John – b. 1894

                     4  Mary Ellen – b. 1921

                     4  Caroline – b. 1924

                     4  Catherine Therese – b. 1931

                     4  John Anthony – b. 1927

                                 5  Steven John – b. 1955

                                 5  Bonnie Elizabeth – b. 1951

                                 5  Susan Kaye – b. 1956

            3  Paul A – b.  1897

Anton and Therese Steinhoff owned this 600-acre dairy farm, before they retired and sold it to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the 1970’s. The farm no longer exists and the DNR offices, along with a museum for the Southern Kettle Morraine area, now occupy the site. During the time that he owned the farm, Anton Steinhoff had found some arrowheads and a stone ax. They are now in the possession of his grandson, Steve Steinhoff.

**information obtained by Carolyn Rosprim from informant Steve Steinhoff and Bonnie Steinhoff Schaefer.

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  1. Daniel J Steinhoff

    I am planning a visit to the Steinhoff farm site late next week. My Great Grandfather, Joseph, was a son of Heinrich and Theresia Steinhoff. Would this farm be this family’s farm?

    We live in Knoxville,Tn and will visit my mother in law at Cassville, Jane Bernhardt. The stop in Eagle is scheduled for July 6 or 7, 2017.


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