Casey Farms

Aerial photo of Casey Farms in Eagle, Wisconsin- circa 1973

Casey Farms in1973

Hwy LO (formerly Hwy 99)
Eagle, WI

Wayne and Lucille Casey purchased this farm from Walter E. Boothe in 1956 for 24,000 dollars. It was originally a 105-acre dairy farm. The Caseys purchased additional acres over the years and, in 1960, the farm switched to producing cattle and hogs. Prior to owning the farm, the Caseys lived in Illinois and rented land in Eagle. Their rental payment consisted of half of the crops the grew on the land. The Caseys decided to move to Eagle in 1956.

Casey Farms was sold to Sandy Campbell and a partner in 1995; a third partner bought the cattle. Sandy Campbell still owned the farm in 2009. As of 2014, the farm continued to operate under the name Royal Angus Farms II and was run by a hired man versus an owner.

Photograph of Royal Angus Farms in Eagle, Wisconsin. Taken in 2009.

Royal Angus Farms II in 2009

Royal Angus Farms, Eagle, Wisconsin- view of silos, barn, and fields.

Royal Angus Farms II- alternate view

Fieldstone building in Royal Angus Farms, Eagle, Wisconsin.

Fieldstone Building- Royal Angus Farms II

Royal Angus Farms II, Eagle, Wisconsin- view from the road.

Royal Angus Farms II (formerly the Casey Farms)

Image of cattle on the Royal Angus Farms II

Cattle on the Royal Angus Farms II

Distant View of Royal Angus Farms II, Eagle, Wisconsin.

Distant View of Royal Angus Farms II

**information obtained by Carolyn Rosprim from informants Wayne and Lucille Casey

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