Kauland Farm

Allie (Alvin) Kau and Dorothy Von Reuden pose for their wedding picture on May 21, 1949

Kau/Von Reuden wedding-1949

County Road ZZ

Eagle, WI

Allie (Alvin) and Dorothy Kau were given this farm in 1949 as a wedding gift from “Grandpa” Kau. The farm was originally 100 acres and an additional 210 acres were purchased soon after. During these early years, the farm included dairy cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. The farm is still in operation, but produces crops only, with the Kau sons currently renting and farming a total of 2000 acres.

Prior owners include Arthur and Daisy Jacqmin. Sam Engle then bought the farm at an auction in 1948. “Grandpa” Kau bought it from Sam a few hours later.

**Information obtained by Carolyn Rosprim from informant Dorothy Kau

Aerial photo of Kauland farm-1953

Kauland farm-1953

Aerial photo of Kauland farm-1965

Kauland farm-1965

Kauland farm-2009

Kauland farm-2009

Kau family in 1997

Kau family-2007

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