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  1. Good day, I am a big baseball fan. As I was looking up baseball teams in Wisconsin in the 1940 and 1950’s I came across your July 2005 newsletter article on the Eagle Enforcers. The name in the Article that stood out the most was Roger Thomas. I was wondering if anyone would know more about him, I am trying to find out if that is my grandfather or not. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
    Kevin Zimdars

  2. Roger Thomas was born Jan. 30, 1914 and died Mar. 11, 1992. He lived on a dairy farm in Eagle with his wife Betty Thomas. One of her children was Sue (Gordon) Zimbars. Is that your family?

  3. Yes that is my family. Thanks alot for your help. I am a history buff, I have been at your Ice Cream social the last 3 years now in Civil War Costume. I also have a love for baseball as did my grandfather, and am interested in starting a vintage baseball team. I would like to model it after the eagle team, is there any information on the history of the team I could get?
    Thanks, Kevin

    P.S. My mother Sue passed away Jan 3, 2008.

  4. I was researching my wife’s family tree and found in the 1850 federal census and the 1855 state census her GGG Grandfather, Joseph Hewes, who moved to Eagle in 1849. Joseph’s daughter, Frances, married Peter Tymeson in 1853.
    Do any Tymesons or Hewes still live in the Eagle area?
    Thanks for any info you can pass along.

  5. Joseph’s last name is actually Hews

  6. Elizabeth Sellers

    I am trying to find out some information on a H.W. Ware or it could be H.M Mare from Eagle & a Martha Deiter from Richwood, Wisconsin.
    They were married on Nov. 17, 1901 in Richwood.
    Does anyone know anything about either of these 2 people?
    Elizabeth Sellers

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m not sure if this will help your search, but the only information I found is from the obituary index of the Waukesha Freeman 1859-1920. It lists

    Ware, Elizabeth Miss, Wauklesha 06/09/1910, Page 8 Column C

    Ware, Norman 08/17/1911 Page 1 Column 3

    Ware, Silas 02/21/1895 Page `1 Column 3

    Elaine Ledrowski

  8. I lived in Wisconsin during the American Bicentennial and happened to drive through Eagle at the time. I remember seeing and photographing a whimsical sign there:

    Eagle, Wisconsin
    Nothing happened here in 1776

    While I always remembered that sign for its cleverness, I actually have a use for it now in my historical research work.
    Unfortunately, I can’t find my photo of the sign. Would you folks have an image?

  9. I’m sorry, I looked through our files and can’t find anything about that sign.

  10. Mary Clohisy Erler

    Hello! My name is Mary Clohisy. My father is Tom (Matthew Thomas) Clohisy – he is the son of Vincent P. Clohisy and nephew of Vinton and Eulalia Sherman-they owned and operated Sherman’s grocery until 1968. My dad’s family are all from the Eagle/Waukesha area for many generations. His grand-father Matt Clohisy was a journalist and his father John was a pharmacist. Matt was raised in Mukwanago. Dad is suffering from Alzheimer’s at his young age of 76. I’ve been going through memorabilia and old photos with him and we’ve found some fantastic old photos of relatives and friends from Eagle. I’ve also found some old Eagle Quill articles. I’m hoping to put together more details of our family as well as possibly provide some interesting photos and such for your society! I’d appreciate any info. Also, my father says wonderful things of Red and Mary Lou Hinkley who helped care for Vinton Sherman after his wife passed away. I’d love to learn more about them and if by some chance they are still around. Thanks so much! I have a wonderful picture of the men (including my Great-grandfather Matt) who were involved in building St. Therese’s church – including the keystone. The Mealy’s have always been so good to my dad and his family. It appears they assisted in the funerals of nearly every member of my family!

  11. Elizabeth,

    I found this information on

    Name: William H Ware
    Census Date: 1 Jun 1905
    Residence County: Sauk
    Residence state: Wisconsin
    Locality: Westfield
    Birth Location: Wisconsin
    Marital Status: Married
    Gender: Male
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1866
    Race: White
    Relation: Head
    Spouse’s Name: Addie E Ware
    Line: 1
    Roll: CSUSAWI1905_28
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Household Members: Name Age
    William H Ware 39
    Addie E Ware 35
    Emma Feldmann 19
    Hazel M Ware 12
    Mabel A Ware 10
    Lester Ware 8
    Fay Ware 4

  12. Information on Martha (Dieter) Ware is as follows;

    All Results1910 United States Federal Census
    about Martha Ware
    Name: Martha Ware
    [Martha Ware]
    Age in 1910: 27
    Estimated Birth Year: 1883
    Birthplace: Wisconsin
    Relation to Head of House: Wife
    Father’s Birth Place: Germany
    Mother’s Birth Place: Indiana
    Spouse’s Name: Horace Ware
    Home in 1910: Hickory Grove, Grant, Wisconsin
    Marital Status: Married
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Neighbors: View others on page
    Household Members: Name Age
    Horace Ware 31
    Martha Ware 27
    Frank Ware 7
    William Ware 4

  13. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your interest in the Eagle Historical Society. We have such a rich history here and have many projects in the works. We have more work to do on the obituaries and should have the balance of them on our website within the next 30 days.


    Mike Rice
    Eagle Historical Society

  14. Hi all,

    I am trying to find out about the McCarthy family who came to Eagle and Palmyra from Cork, Ireland, around 1848.

    I am particularly interested in Eagle’s Richard A McCarthy (1862-1904) who is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery with his wife Anna and her Partridge ancestors.

    Richard was the son of Mountfield McCarthy, born around 1835 to William McCarthy (1801, Ireland – 1874, Palmyra) and his wife Margaret Longfield (died Palmyra 1879).

    William and Margaret’s other children were Francis Longfield McCarthy(born 1827), Mountiford Longfield McCarthy (born 1835), William Henry McCarthy (born 1837), Henry Longfield McCarthy (born 1839) and Robert Longfield McCarthy (born 1842).

    If anybody has any information of the McCarthys of Eagle or Palmyra, or could put me in contact with their relatives, I would appreciate it alot!!

    Many thanks,

    Brian O’Leary,
    Cork, Ireland.

  15. Brian,

    We have received your email and will investigate the McCarthy family to see what we can find. We will be in touch with you within a week.

    Mike Rice
    Eagle Historical Society
    Eagle, WI 53119

  16. We know that John Griffin was buried on his farm near Eagle. When we were there a year ago, when we were there a year ago, know one was around so we were unable to see the tombstone. Do you know if there were dates on his tombstone? Thank you, Ellen Williams

  17. Brian O’Leary
    I had a DNA test and the results showed only 1 McCarty and 12 O’Leary’s. There is a fair chance that my line is related to Brian O’Leary’s family
    Mike McCarty

  18. Memorial Day I stopped by Eagle to visit my husband’s grave (Ken Skidmore) and then saw the war memorial with all the crosses. I was impressed by the it and that the town would honor those who served. Just wondering if that is a work in progress as Ken did not have a cross there and he did serve in WWII in the navy as did Harrison who did have a cross. It would be a great honor if you would include him in this honor. Actually I don’t really know if you are the correct resource in this matter but figure you will know who is if not you.
    Thank you for a prompt reply and thank you for the great work and displays that you do have for the history of
    Eagle. Ken was always very enthused with your dedication to keeping it going.
    Ann Skidmore

  19. My great-grandfather, Frank Mich, owned a saloon in Eagle in the early 1900’s. I am wondering if you have a photo; I am not sure of the name of the establishment.

    Thank you.

  20. Great to hear from you Loren,

    We’ve posted four great postcard pictures of Misch’s tavern on our website. Looking on the right side of our home page, you will find “Misch’s Tavern” listed on “Historic Photos”. We hope you enjoy.

  21. Thanks to all of you for your warmth and hospitality on Saturday, June 1st. I was researching the James family which came to Eagle in the early 1840s and spent several hours at the Historical Society building. Although there aren’t any existing obituaries of the many family members buried at Oak Grove and Jericho cemeteries, I did gain a lot of information that has aided me in my research. I even paid for a annual membership though I now live in Mississippi. Be assured I will return to Eagle sometime in the near future.
    Thanks again,
    Semper Fidelis,
    Jim Sillman

  22. I was adopted and think my gradparents were Charles & Catherine Hoffman who were were residents of Eagle, WI from
    about 1935 to 1945. I would be interested in any information about that family which may be available in the
    old Waukesha Freeman newspapers if you have copies from that
    era. My mothers name would be been Annabelle Hoffman.

  23. Lance,
    You may have to contact the Waukesha Freeman directly for more information on your family. They may be able to do a computer search on their old papers. We con’t have that ability. I did find a record of a family tree on and will send it as an attachment directly.

    Mike Rice
    Eagle Historical Society

  24. Mike: Thank you for your reply, I was told by the Waukesha
    Freeman to contact the Waukesha libriary or the Waukesha
    Historical Society for old newpapers so I will look into
    that. Thank you for the information you provided.
    Lance Erickson

  25. I have a family membership and need to change my mailing address. Please change to:

    3330 NE 10th Place
    Renton, WA 98056


  26. I was looking at the history of Eagle page and seen three names there one was Mr. Garton I was trying to fine out the first name to that person. I went to Eagle school when it was a one room school yet. Back around 1956 or 1957, I had a older lady for a teacher. and we lived real close to the beach at that time on a dead end road. there was about 4 o5 house’s on the road and the school house. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    Lee Clayton Garton

  27. I have been researching my great grandfather George W Henry who was born in Eagle township, 1864-1866. I am having trouble locating his date of death. At Oak Ridge Cemetery in Eagle, the date says 1919. However, my great grandmother is listed as widowed in a 1905 Census. George W Henry is listed with some of his siblings according to Waukesha Online Genealogy as having died in 1919. I am having a hard time verifying his date of death. If you can be of any help, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you. Linda Wade

  28. Hi, I have been going over your site. Wonderful. My Great Grandparents lived in Eagle in the early 1900’s. My Great Grandfather worked for the railroad. They lived on Wisconsin St their last name was Shortel and the train ran right in front of their house. I tried to open the picture of the old Train Station and none of the pictures open for me? Would you know why?

  29. Hi, I am researching the German target shooting groups called Schuetzenverein that existed all over Wisconsin form the mid 1800s to early 1900s. I saw somewhere that Eagle had one and was hoping to get ANY more information.

    Thank you


  30. Hi. This message is for Mary Clohisy. My husband came across a document concerning Vincent P Clohisy of Wisconsin from 1917. Please contact me if you believe this is your family member and want to know more. Email: mommat6692@gmail my name is Rebecca.

  31. Hello- My son will be participating in a workshop at OWW this Sunday, Oct. 18th. Being as an ancestor of ours settled in Eagle, in 1850, we thought we’d make a day of it and try to locate where his farm was. I have the Milwaukee land Company document that tells the spot, and I think that spot is in the Mukwonago wetland basin. His name was Isaac Bottomly. Joseph Falter bought the land from him. Do you have any info on Isaac or where his farm was? He and his wife (Elizabeth) are buried in that cemetery by the OWW entrance. The stones are in awesome shape, too!

  32. Brian J. Scheidler

    My great-great-grandfather Henry Scheideler and family, Theresia Bunce Scheideler, and sons, John, Joseph, and Anton, settled in Eagle, WI. around 1851 from Germany. Theresia died about 1883 and Henry died in 1901 and are buried in the old St. Theresa Cemetery. His son stayed in Eagle and sons Joseph and Anton moved to Chippewa County around 1870. I am descended from Joseph.
    Also, an Anton(Anthony) Bunse(a) arrived with Henry and Theresia and was on the 1860 Eagle Census. He married a Mary Von Rueden and moved to Palmyra. Bothe died there and were buried in the St. Theresa Cemetery. Don’t know if it was the old or new one. He died in 1899.
    I was wondering if there was any way of finding obituaries for 1883, 1899, and 1901. Would the Eagle Quill go back that far? If not where could I find some other source.
    I have been doing a Scheideler Genealogy study for 20 years. I have a 200 page report of over 620 people. I would like to give you a copy, if you would be interested.
    My name is:

  33. Was at the recent event with my sister Esther Garlock, and my son Andy Detloff. We just want to thank everyone who was involved with this event, was very moving, met a number of old friends that I haven’t seen in over thirty years and renewed friendships and memories. So on behalf of my sister and myself, a BIG thank you to all of the people responsible for this event, Sincerely, Arnie Detloff(son of Sidney Detloff) whose name is forever etched on the memorial wall!

  34. I am attempting to locate the burial location for William Albert Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds, known locally as “Judge” lived in Eagle and died October 25, 1910. Based on an obituary from an uncited source he was a justice of the peace. He was married to Susan F. Richardson who died on Nov. 10, 1910. The Reynolds died as a result of coal dust asphyxia. Susan Reynolds is buried in Jericho Cemetery, her father, George Green is buried in a nearby plot. William Reynolds does not appear to be buried in Jericho. Any assistance in locating his grave will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks!

  35. I am attempting to find out if your society has any information about the Victorian gun club located on an island on Eagle Springs Lake that was subsequently purchased by my grandfather Charles Koeffler, in the early part of the last century.

    Thanks much!

  36. Hello! I was traveling through the area this past weekend and there is this old barn that is pretty dilapidated but beautiful even in that state. It is on the corner of Palmyra and Young. Its base made of what looks like cobblestone and I am so curious about the farms history! Thank you ever so much!

  37. I’m sorry I don’t have any information on that farm. I think that is in Jefferson County so you may want to contact the Palmyra Historical Society for information.

    Elaine Ledrowski

  38. Sorry, we don’t have any information on a gun club there.


  39. Cynthia B Decker

    Hello. I came across a Plat book of Waukesha County Wisconsin drawn from actual surveys and the county records
    (1891). Hadfield, Big Bend, Eagle, p. 33
    It shows a “Bronson” on 4 pieces of land which are now occupied by the Eagle Fire Department.
    Do you know anything about the “Bronson’s” that occupied this land in 1891?
    Here’s a link to the plat book:

    THANKS for any help.

  40. This link will take you to Charles A Bronson family tree on

    Mike Rice

  41. Russell Schumann

    Greetings from Maryland !

    I’ve been putting together my family history and building the family tree for quite some time now. I’m sure that I’ve visited your website before, but I recently retired and now have time to revisit genealogical resources. So, that’s what I’m doing …

    My Grandparents owned several farms just outside of Eagle. Looking at a map I can see that the roads have changed since I was a child but their farm extended from the Eagle Springs Golf Resort (we used to hunt for golf balls along the perimeter in the woods of the farm) west to the intersection of State Road 67 (we used to walk into town from the farm along that road, just knew it as Main st). They also owned the adjoining farm to the west on NN for a brief time, but I think that happened before I was old enough to remember. I still have photos of the farm I remember including an aerial photo of the farmhouse and surrounding few acres. I think that the farm was probably several hundred acres. My Grandfather built a dam system on the stream and stocked the ponds that resulted. He also had extensive gardens and fruit trees. He was accomplished at grafting and had trees with several similar fruits on the same tree. I remember an article (maybe in your paper) about him and his grafting talents. he also terraced a hillside and planted grapes to make his own wine … he was quite ambitious.

    Anyway, I’d certainly be interested in any info you have on them, or their farms. I do know that they’re interned in the Jericho cemetery. My Great Grandmother lived with them for a time and actually died at the farm in 1947 just a few months after I was born. She is interned in Merrill.

    The farm I remember was sold to the owner of a neighboring farm after my Grandfather died in 1966.

    Regards … Russ

  42. Hello, I am writing in regards to the Steinhoff farm. My great grandparents were Anton and Therese. I remember visiting them when I was a child and waving to Anton in the Fourth parade as it went past his driveway, excitedly cheering on my great grandfather. Recently, his daughter, my grandmother, Carol passed away. I am wondering if you could send me a few copies of the photo of the farm that is on the slideshow. I want to share them with her children and I would like one myself. My grandma told me fond memories of her growing up on the farm. I think it would be a very cherished memory. Could you please send me 5 copies? Or one high quality one and I will get reprints made? Also, this year I will be teaching my 4/5 class about the history of Wi and we will be having a field trip to Old World Wi. I would love any additional information you have so I can help make more if a personal connection to them about this. Thank you I really appreciate it.

    Pam Metzger
    10324 63rd St.
    Kenosha,Wi. 53142

  43. Ann Silvernail, spouse of Abram Silvernail died 1916 at Eagle, Wi., and is buried as Ann SKINNER Silvernail Taylor.( Find a Grave # 58167748) From the family records of Beulah Silvernail Bayer, Ann was Ann KILMER, a relative of Joyce Kilmer who wrote the poem “Trees”. After the death of Abram Silvernail, Ann married a Mr. Taylor, a widower with two daughters.
    Abram & Ann (Kilmer) Silvernail had one child, Jay Danforth, married annie Stead and had five children; Aura, May Adell, Arthur, Guy, and Beulah.
    There was no daughter Mary D. Silvernail, was this a Taylor child ?
    Do you have any information for Ann Kilmer Silvernail Taylor, or the two daughters of a Mr. Taylor?

  44. Patricia Oaklief

    I’m the daughter of Helen Stute Stapleton who grew up on the Stute Homestead. I’m putting together a booklet of her life growing up on the farm, as well as her time living in Eagle, for my children and nieces and nephews. I’m looking for photos of the one-room Mill School as well as the Eagle post office – circa 1940’s. Actually any photos of village life during that era would be great; e.g. movies in the park, the drugstore, etc.
    Thanks in advance.

  45. I am trying to dig deeper into my families history but keep getting stuck on my great grandfather Edward Emmer. I found a 1940 census that put him in Eagle. I know he was born 14 November 1900. Is they any relatives that you can tell me about that he is related to?

  46. I sent you an email with some information. Elaine Ledrowski

  47. Randy Lippincott

    Do you have a photo of theEagle, Alaska chrome globe Roald Amundsen monument?


  48. Thanks for your question, but sorry, no we don’t have a photo. We are located in Eagle, Wisconsin. Perhaps you could try the Historial Society in Eagle Alaska.

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